Friday, April 26, 2013

Dear Baby (13 weeks, 2 days)

(12 weeks)

Dear Baby,

What are you doing in there?  Sometimes this whole experience doesn't even seem real because I can't feel you yet and I don't have a baby bump.  I wish I could feel you in there so we could check in with each other every day.  I have waited so long for you and I cannot believe you are finally here, growing inside me.  Your daddy and I are so excited.  I cannot even tell you how thrilled all our family and friends are to meet you.  You are going to be one LOVED baby.  Keep growing and dancing!


P.S. We take our first plan ride together tonight to visit your Aunt Cobe in Chicago.  Of course your mommy got herself all stressed out reading about the dangers of full body scanners.  You just stay put in there!