Sunday, December 20, 2015

Dear Jax (2 months)

(the most precious smile)

Dear Jax,

2 months have flown by and you are getting pretty chunky little man... In the best, most delicious way possible!  You weigh 13 pounds 4.5 ounces which means you have gained exactly 5 pounds.  All your rolls are simply scrumptious.  I seriously just want to snuggle you and kiss you ALL DAY LONG!  It is so different having a chunky baby this time around and I love it.  You already are two pounds heavier than your sister was at 2 months... holy arm workout for mama! 

(simply scrumptious with a little Elvis smirk)

Your stellar sleeping took a turn for the worse this month.  You decided you would only sleep while being held.  All your naps have been in the wrap (or in Grandma's arms) and you sleep on me at night.  Even though it has been extra exhausting for me I keep reminding myself that I must savor all the times I get to hold you close to me.  I know I should probably be putting more effort into getting you to sleep in your bed but I am honestly just too tired to try right now.  When in the trenches of sleep deprivation I do whatever works.

(super cute baby sneezes)

You have become so much more alert which is probably why you won't stay asleep one your own.  You follow me when I walk by you, you turn towards noise and you are pretty fascinated by the TV (not a good habit to start this early... oops).  You love love love to look at yourself in the mirror.  It is quite hilarious to watch you check yourself out with a little smirk on your face... you clearly know how handsome you are (which is super super duper handsome).   

(your expressive eyebrows are my favorite)

You look so much like your sister did when she was your age.  You definitely look like a boy and she definitely looked like a girl but every so often I see pictures of your sister and I think it is you.  I don't quite know how to explain this but you definitely look like a Fournie and your sister definitely looks like a Noyes but somehow you guys look so similar.

Your sister has been so good with you and it is becoming very clear that you love her.  She runs to get me when you are crying.  She is so protective of you and gets very worried when other people hold you.  The quiet and calm moments when you both interact are so special though these moments are pretty precarious and I have to remind your sister to be gentle and to not step on you or hit you.  She is gonna have a rude awakening when you are old enough to retaliate.  Overall she really means well and is very gentle and loving with you.

(the eyebrows!)

My goal for the next month is to get you sleeping in your rock n' play sleeper again.  It may not be easy but it definitely needs to happen so we can transition you to your own room sometime in the next few months.   Oh your own room... I guess maybe I should start buying everything we need to actually furnish your room, ha.

We love love love you so much little man!!!


(he sees a face and he smiles... the big flirt)

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Dear Jax (1 month)

(the sweetest little guy)

Dear Jax,

This past month has flown by!  So much has happened and you having been growing so much.  You came into this world at lightening speed... we made it to the hospital with only 20 minutes to spare before you were born.  Then just 4 days later we moved to our new house in Ridgefield.  While I spent the first month of your sisters life on the couch just holding her, this time around I haven't had the luxury of snuggling you on the couch all day, life just marches on.  I have worn you in my wrap every day so we have gotten lots and lots of snuggles in even though we have been on the go go go.  It is hard to feel like I am not giving you the attention you deserve when we have so much going on.  

You have been such a sweet and mellow little guy and I am soooo thankful for that.  From the very beginning you have been a champion sleeper.  I pray this never changes!  You will sleep soundly in your mamaroo seat for hours and hours as long as your sister doesn't bother you.  You really are just so peaceful.  You also look exactly like your sister did when she was born, seriously you guys are twins!  It does seem like you will have my hazel eyes which should win big points with the ladies (wink, wink).  There is no doubt that you are the most handsome little guy ever!     

(future model?)

Your sister loves you so much and wants to hug you and kiss you all the time.  If you are crying and I am in another room she will come get me.  Sometimes she can be a little rough with her love but I know she means well.  It will be fascinating to watch you both grow up together and I pray that you love each other always (even when you don't like each other) and become the best of friends.  Your uncle Nick and uncle Merrick are my best friends and I really hope you and Elodie can say that about each other when you are older.

When you were three and a half weeks old we took you to your first wedding - your Uncle Nick got married to Aunt Naomi!  The weekend was pretty overwhelming because it was the first time your dad and I had to juggle the needs of you and your sister while being in a wedding and catching up with lots and lots of family.  I felt like a frazzled mess the whole time but you were an angel.  I wore you in my wrap and you slept the entire weekend.  Thank goodness you were so good because your sister on the other hand was a very needy toddler.  It was a pretty overwhelming weekend but also a really special one because everyone was so excited to meet you and we got to officially add Aunt Naomi to the family (she is pretty awesome, you will love her).

This first month with you has been a big adjustment, but we are so overjoyed to have you here.  We cannot wait to watch your personality emerge and to watch your relationship with Ellie grow.  You are the perfect addition to our family little man, and we love you so much!!


(couldn't love him more!)

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Dear Baby #2 (34 weeks, 4 days)

(30 weeks, 2 days)

Dear Baby #2,

My poor neglected child... just kidding you aren't truely neglected.  I can't believe this is only my 4th letter to you and we are already well into the third trimester (slacker mom).  Though the quantity of letters may not be as high as it was with your sister you have to know that I think about you all day long.  I feel every single one of your punches and kicks as if you are already fighting with your sister for my attention.  I think finding the balance of giving you both the attention you deserve is going to be hard.  I find it a little intimidating.  I love your sister so much and I already love you so much even though we haven't officially met yet.

Yesterday your dad and I took a little time to focus just on you.  We left your sister at home with a babysitter and went to get a 3D/4D ultrasound so we could see your cute little face.  You were very sleepy with your arm up and the umbilical cord covering part of your face but we managed to get you to move around enough to get a really great view of your face.  Boy of boy you are just the most handsome little baby in the whole wide world!  It seems that you are already a deep sleeper.  All the tapping and nudging we did to try to move you around didn't disturb your sleeping at all.  Perhaps all the abuse you are taking from your sister is conditioning you to be a good sleeper... fingers crossed!!  Your dad and I keep looking at the photos and commenting on how absolutely adorable you are.  It  was so special to see you on yesterday and spend time focusing on just you.  Seeing your cute squishy little face makes me even more excited to meet you.  I just can't wait!!!

(our handsome boy) 
(a little Elvis smirk)
(I cannot wait to kiss this face!!!)

Life is going to get pretty crazy as we approach your due date.  Your sister and I are moving up with your Grammy and PaPa on August 7th and you will be born at the same hospital that your uncles were born in.  Your dad and I are in the process of buying a house and if everything keeps going well we will close on August 12 exactly one week before your due date.  The plan is to move into the house sometime within a week after you are born.  It all sounds a little crazy doesn't it?  I am trying not to think too much about it and just take one week at a time so that I don't get too overwhelmed.  All the craziness is going to be so worth it though.  The house has the most incredible playroom that your sister is going to love.  We will be spending a lot of time in there.  Lucky you will get to grow up with so much more room to run and play.  I know your sister is getting a little tired of the small apartment we are living in now.

Time is moving so quickly and you are going to be here before we know little one.  I have to go get an ultrasound tomorrow to check on your weight because I have been measuring small.  I am confident that you are growing right on schedule but it will be nice to know for sure.  Keep fattening up in there my love!  We are all anxiously awaiting your arrival!


(30 weeks, 2 days)

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Dear Baby #2 (20 weeks, 4 days)

(20 weeks)

Dear Baby #2,

This week we found out that you are a BOY!!!  We are so excited to have this new adventure ahead of us - your dada is especially excited!  I am thrilled that I get to buy cute baby boy clothes and your dad is thrilled he will have a little sports buddy.  I cannot wait to see what our mama/son relationship will be like.  It will be totally new territory for me but I just know it will be extra special.  Hopefully by the time you arrive your sister will be willing to share me a little bit more. 

Since officially finding out you are a boy I have been thinking a lot about what you will be like/look like.  Will you be born with hair like your sister?  Will you have brown eyes like your sister?  Will you be a calm and sweet newborn like your sister?  By the way, do you like sugar???  All I want to eat these days is sweet things and I would like to blame it on you.  Would you be ok with that?     

I am definitely bigger at 20 weeks than I was when I was pregnant with your sister.  It makes me a little nervous for the rest of the pregnancy because it means I will be bigger much faster as the weather gets hotter.  It is probably going to be an uncomfortable summer for me but you are worth it.  No matter how much I have to limp (sciatic nerve pain) through the rest of this pregnancy like a zombie (severe lack of sleep) it will all be worth it in the end because I will finally get to hold you in my arms.

Well my little man, I want you to know that I love you very much and cannot wait to meet you!  You are going to be the perfect addition to our family.  


(20 weeks)
(it's a boy!!!)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Dear Baby #2 (18 weeks 3 days)

(18 weeks, 3 days)

Dear Baby #2,

How are you doing my little love?  I will admit I sometimes feel like I am not paying enough attention to you.  Your big sister takes up all my time and energy.  I do think about you all the time though.  I have been so anxious to feel you moving around in there.  Today I think I definitely felt you but your noticeable movements are so brief it is hard to be 100% sure I am feeling what I think I am feeling.  I wonder if you will favor kicking my right ribs like your sister did.  It is going to be extra special when your dada and big sister get to feel your punches and kicks too (maybe in a couple weeks).  

Your big sister is totally clueless about your existence and honestly I am not really sure she will know you are coming till after you arrive.  As my belly gets bigger we will talk to her more and more about you.  I often wonder (and worry) about how I will handle being a mother to two littles.  I will love you both sooooo much (I already do) but I hope to find a balance so that you both feel equally loved by me.  Having you two be so close in age will be challenging for me but so amazing for you and your sister.  I am really close in age with my younger brothers and they are my best friends.  I really hope that you and your sister become the best of companions and stay that way all your lives.   

We find out if you are a boy or a girl in a week and a half and we cannot wait to know!!  Your daddy and I think you will be a boy but perhaps you will surprise us.  Finding out if you are a girl or a boy means we will be half way to meeting you.  Time is flying by so fast!  We have some hurdles to tackle before you arrive... buying a house... moving... setting up a new house... and even though it stresses me out a little I know that everything will work out.  We are anxiously awaiting your arrival little one but in the meantime stay put and keep growing big and strong.  I love you so much!!     


(18 weeks, 3 days - with both of my babies!!!)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Dear Baby #2 (12 weeks, 6 days)

(Baby #2 - due August 19, 2015)

Dear Baby,

Hello my new little love!  I can hardly believe you are here growing inside my belly.  It feels pretty surreal... perhaps because you came as a little bit of a surprise or perhaps because your big sister demands all my time and energy.  We got to see you today for the first time and it was so special.  Your big sister cried during the entire ultrasound... not because she isn't excited about you but because she doesn't like when anyone touches me. 

Your dada and I are so thrilled that you will be joining our family this summer!  I have a feeling your big sister is going to be really excited too.  At the moment she doesn't like to share mama so hopefully as my tummy gets bigger she will get used to the idea of sharing me.  To be honest it scares me a little bit that I will have another baby to love as much as I love your big sister but I know deep down that there is plenty of room (and love) in my mama's heart for both of you.  I am going to love you SO MUCH!!! 

Keep growing big and strong in there my little love!