Thursday, October 29, 2015

Dear Jax (1 month)

(the sweetest little guy)

Dear Jax,

This past month has flown by!  So much has happened and you having been growing so much.  You came into this world at lightening speed... we made it to the hospital with only 20 minutes to spare before you were born.  Then just 4 days later we moved to our new house in Ridgefield.  While I spent the first month of your sisters life on the couch just holding her, this time around I haven't had the luxury of snuggling you on the couch all day, life just marches on.  I have worn you in my wrap every day so we have gotten lots and lots of snuggles in even though we have been on the go go go.  It is hard to feel like I am not giving you the attention you deserve when we have so much going on.  

You have been such a sweet and mellow little guy and I am soooo thankful for that.  From the very beginning you have been a champion sleeper.  I pray this never changes!  You will sleep soundly in your mamaroo seat for hours and hours as long as your sister doesn't bother you.  You really are just so peaceful.  You also look exactly like your sister did when she was born, seriously you guys are twins!  It does seem like you will have my hazel eyes which should win big points with the ladies (wink, wink).  There is no doubt that you are the most handsome little guy ever!     

(future model?)

Your sister loves you so much and wants to hug you and kiss you all the time.  If you are crying and I am in another room she will come get me.  Sometimes she can be a little rough with her love but I know she means well.  It will be fascinating to watch you both grow up together and I pray that you love each other always (even when you don't like each other) and become the best of friends.  Your uncle Nick and uncle Merrick are my best friends and I really hope you and Elodie can say that about each other when you are older.

When you were three and a half weeks old we took you to your first wedding - your Uncle Nick got married to Aunt Naomi!  The weekend was pretty overwhelming because it was the first time your dad and I had to juggle the needs of you and your sister while being in a wedding and catching up with lots and lots of family.  I felt like a frazzled mess the whole time but you were an angel.  I wore you in my wrap and you slept the entire weekend.  Thank goodness you were so good because your sister on the other hand was a very needy toddler.  It was a pretty overwhelming weekend but also a really special one because everyone was so excited to meet you and we got to officially add Aunt Naomi to the family (she is pretty awesome, you will love her).

This first month with you has been a big adjustment, but we are so overjoyed to have you here.  We cannot wait to watch your personality emerge and to watch your relationship with Ellie grow.  You are the perfect addition to our family little man, and we love you so much!!


(couldn't love him more!)

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