Sunday, April 17, 2016

Dear Jaxon (6 months)

(so much sweetness)

Dear Jaxon,

My handsome guy how are you already 6 months old?!?!?  It has been 6 amazing and chaotic months since you arrived.  Did you know you were almost born in the car on the way to the hospital?  Well not really but your dad sure was terrified that you would be.  You made your fast and furious arrival only about 30 minutes after we walked into the maternity wing.  The whole experience was such a whirlwind but it was perfect.  I think you were just really anxious to see the world and to get some real mama and dada snuggles.

(making a new friend)

This month we went on your second plane adventure to Disney World!!  The most magical place on earth.  Too bad you will not have any memory of it but upside is that it means we absolutely have to go back.  You were great on the plane and slept well in the hotel and were such a trooper while we marched around Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom.  You really are just the sweetest, most easy-going little guy.  Please never change!!


At 6 months old you...
... push up on your hands while on your tummy
... have tried your first solid food (avocado)
... are a jumping machine
... have a horrible mother who wrote this letter too late and can't remember anymore specific points, sorry my love!

(he does so much smiling)

You have been showing a lot of interest in food.  You stare at all food.  So far I have given you a taste of avocado... you were not impressed.  I let you put a piece of pineapple in your mouth... you were not impressed.  I've given you a taste of banana... you were not impressed.  I've given you a taste of egg yolk... you were not impressed.  Sensing a theme here?  Though you have shown a lot of interest in food you haven't liked anything you've tried, haha.  I have a feeling you are more weirded out by the new tastes and textures as opposed to actually not liking the food.  We are going to keep trying.  I have a feeling you will be a good eater, fingers crossed!  Just please be a better eater than your sister.

(he's over it)
(the most kissable face)

You screech at the top of your lungs and those little legs of yours are always pumping.  You would jump jump jump all day long if you could.  We got you a jumperoo and it is so cute watching you jump away.  Sometimes we move your jumperoo up to the playroom so you and Ellie can have a joint jumping session (she has a mini trampoline).  The two of you have really started to interact.  Watching you both jump on the trampoline gives me a little glimpse into the future.  I cannot wait to see you both running outside together and playing lots of games together.  

(am I interrupting something?)
(I just can't even handle the cuteness sometimes)

Time is just flying by and I fear I am not taking enough time to savor every moment with you so my goal is to spend more quality one on one time with you.  Unfortunately you get dragged around to your sisters activities, but I promise that we will do some stuff for just you at some point.  I know you won't know anything different, but I can't help but feel guilty that you will never have the one-on-one experience that your sister did.

(he never stays on his back for long)

No matter how much you have to share me just know that you are so loved.  I love love love you with all my heart my sweet boy!  We will steal our special moments whenever we can!


(everything goes in his mouth these days, teething is hard work)

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Dear Jax (5 months old)

(just the sweetest face)

Dear Jax,

I will probably write this in every letter but you are just the sweetest little boy.  I hope you hold onto your sweetness forever and ever.  I am constantly wondering how your personality will unfold as you get older.  Will you stay my mellow sweet boy or will you become a rambunctious wild animal?  Perhaps you will be a little of both.  I am so looking forward to watching you grow but don't grow too fast, actually stay my baby forever wahhhhhhh.

(still can't get over how much I love his expressive eyebrows)

It has been so fun to watch you become so aware of the people around you and recognize people you know.  When you see someone you know you smile really big and shyly hide your face into my shoulder, it's the cutest.  It is especially wonderful to watch your face when you see your sister.  You absolutely light up!  She is pretty obsessed with you too.  It is my dream that you stay obsessed with each other forever and ever and ever.

(superman scrunch-face)

We had a fun Christmas in Montana though you decided that you were only going to sleep in someone's arms.  Having you sleep on me every night meant I hardly got any sleep but I would make any sacrifice for you little man.  It was pretty cold so we didn't take you out in the snow but next year we will and I think you will love it.  Next year we will get to spend Christmas with your three cousins... there will be five kiddies running around and it will be total chaos but totally awesome.  Not having your cousins there this year was a bummer but it did mean that you got lots and lots of extra snuggles from Grandma and G-Pa.

(that Elvis lip!)

At 5 months old you...
... light up when you see your big sister 
... have just discovered your feet
... love sticking out your tongue and blowing raspberries
... refuse to stay on your back for very long
... love crinkly baby paper
... are starting to take a WubbaNub (your sister's favorite)
... sleep in your crib like a big boy
... are really fascinated by screens of all kinds (phones, TVs, iPads)

(he makes a lot of noise these days)

Shortly after we came home from Montana, we had our first night apart.  Your dad and I went into New York City to go to a Phish concert together while you and Ellie stayed with Grammy and PaPa.  Your dad and I used to go to Phish concerts all the time - hopefully one day you will know how cool that is, haha.  I was very anxious about leaving you for the night.  We hadn't really given you a bottle and it is always just hard for me to be away from you and your sister.  Of course everyone survived though you and Ellie did give Grammy and PaPa a little bit of a rough night. 

(ahhhh I love him so much)
(just the sweetest face in the whole wide world)

You did give us quite a scare this month when you fell out of your rock n play sleeper and bumped your head.  I woke to the sound of a scream/cry over the monitor and when I looked you weren't in your bed so your dad and I bolted out of bed and ran into your room.  Well, I actually more stumbled/crawled to your room because I couldn't get my legs to work.  Thank goodness you didn't fall very far and you landed on the thick rug.  You cried for a few minutes and then you turned into your usual smiley self which was very reassuring for us.  To be safe we took you to the pediatrician the next day and confirmed that you were just fine.  Let's not ever have you get hurt again, ok?

(love the scrunched toes)
(always always always grabbing his toes)
(rolly polly)

Though I knew you should be sleeping in your crib it took you falling out of your rock n' play sleeper to force me to make the transition.  As with most things it went much smoother than I anticipated.  You are taking all your naps and sleeping at night in your crib now.  You always sleep on your stomach.  I was putting you down on your back but you never really settled like that and then when my parents watched you for a night my mom simply put you down on your stomach and that did the trick.  I always put you down on your stomach now and you sleep really well that way.   You are getting to be such a big boy already.

(so much sweetness)
(holding his own hands has become very fascinating for him)

We love you so much little man and we could have not asked for a more perfect addition to our family!  


P.S.  I think it is safe to say that you will officially get your Dada's brown eyes just like your sister.  In the beginning it did seem like you would maybe get my hazel eyes but alas I think I have lost this one yet again.  

(this boy is just the best)

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Dear Jaxon (4 months)

(can he look at me like this for the rest of his life please?!)

Dear Jax,

You are such a joy!  There is so much love and light in your little body that you just have to smile all the time.  

(the happiest little wiggle worm)
(as sweet as can be)
(he does more and more talking every day)

Ummmm you got your first tooth!!!  How is that happening already?!?  Stop growing up so fast.  Your sister didn't get her two bottom teeth till she was 7 months old.  You are also packing on the pounds way faster than your sister did, haha.  You were about 2 pounds heavier than your sister at birth and at this point you weigh about as much as your sister did when she was 9 months old.   

(new dance move?)
(the cutest chunkiest baby legs)

This past month was your first Christmas which also meant your first plane ride and boy was it a doozy.  You were of course a patient angel for the whole thing (even your sister wasn't too bad).  We got stuck in Laguardia for hours waiting for our plane which made us miss our connection in Minneapolis so we had to spend the night there.  We were not at all prepared to spend the night with you and your sister in a random hotel (we didn't even have our bags).  We did survive and got to spend a beautiful snowy Christmas with Grandma, G-Pa and Lauren (your dad's cousin).     

(she loves to get right in his face)
(staring contest?)

At 4 months old you...
... roll over from back to front (always to your right)
... have two bottom teeth
... are always always kicking your legs or jumping
... love baths

(she finds him quite hilarious)
(casual fist bump between best buddies)

You did get sick for the first time this month and it broke my heart.  You got your sister's cold which then turned into croup.  I took you to the pediatrician and of course you smiled the whole time we were there.  Even sickness can't dampen your happy spirit.  Luckily you recovered quickly - thank goodness because listening to a croup cough is pretty scary.  I don't think there is anything more heartbreaking than seeing you or your sister sick.

(my sweet sweet boy)

Are you feeling loved enough little man?  Do you get enough of my attention?  You are so chill that I typically deal with your oh so demanding sister before you get your turn.  I often feel guilty that you will never get the same attention from me that your sister got as a baby but I guess that is just the plight of a second child.  I do try to give you as much undivided attention as I can but unfortunately I think I fall short.  It's hard trying to get things done during the day and also slow down enough to just be with you and your sister.  

(staying on his back is soooooo last month)

(its a full body effort to flip his chunkiness over)

Thank you for being so forgiving as I struggle to hit my stride as a mama of two.  That smile of yours does wonders for my mommy spirit.  I love you to the moon and back (and back and back and back) my little man! 


(always chewing on those hands)