Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Dear Baby #2 (12 weeks, 6 days)

(Baby #2 - due August 19, 2015)

Dear Baby,

Hello my new little love!  I can hardly believe you are here growing inside my belly.  It feels pretty surreal... perhaps because you came as a little bit of a surprise or perhaps because your big sister demands all my time and energy.  We got to see you today for the first time and it was so special.  Your big sister cried during the entire ultrasound... not because she isn't excited about you but because she doesn't like when anyone touches me. 

Your dada and I are so thrilled that you will be joining our family this summer!  I have a feeling your big sister is going to be really excited too.  At the moment she doesn't like to share mama so hopefully as my tummy gets bigger she will get used to the idea of sharing me.  To be honest it scares me a little bit that I will have another baby to love as much as I love your big sister but I know deep down that there is plenty of room (and love) in my mama's heart for both of you.  I am going to love you SO MUCH!!! 

Keep growing big and strong in there my little love!