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15/52: bath time is her favorite
15/52 runner-up: clipping teeny tiny fingernails

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dear Elodie (5 months old)

(5 whole months old and getting cuter by the day!)

Dear Elodie,

How are you already 5 months old?!?  Next month you will be a half a year old and it just blows my mind.   You are such a fun little companion.  Seriously, it is such a honor to watch you discover the world.  Being able to watch you learn everything right before my eyes is definitely something I do not take for granted.

(her new favorite move is the superman)

It seems like we are entering the world of teething.  You have gotten really aggressive with your gnawing... even chewing on my collarbone and my face.  I haven't seen any signs of teeth yet but you definitely want to chew chew chew and there is slobber galore.  I've been seeking out some natural remedies for teething pain... specifically an amber teething necklace and essential oils.  I am really hoping that both of those remedies will help us get through teething with minimal discomfort.  So far so good though I know we haven't gotten to the worst of teething yet.

(always gnawing on the crinkle pig)
(poor soggy crinkle pig)
(the arched eyebrow is the best)

The weather is finally getting nicer so we have been able to get outside and enjoy the world more.  You absolutely love being outside.  I often spend most of our walks holding you and pushing an empty stroller because you want to be up checking everything out.  We have a spent a couple afternoons watching kids play on the nearby playground.  You find it fascinating.  The next nice warm weekend we have your dad and I plan to take you to the park for your first ride on the swings!  I cannot wait, you are going to love it!

(she is one cool chick)
(eek that lip and that wrist roll... scrumptious!)

At 5 months old you...
... LOVE your feet
... are fascinated by the world around you and love being outside
... talk talk talk all the time
... love standing and jumping
... are quite the wiggle worm... I fear you will never stay still once you are mobile
... are an expert at flashing your super cute smiles
... have mastered the bashful smile then hide in mama's shoulder routine, it's killer
... have just started taking independent naps in your crib and you are doing great!
... are getting much better at grabbing your toys
... have some favorite toys... crinkle pig and your elephant from the San Diego Zoo
... are getting suspicious of strangers... stranger danger!
... are definitely a mama's girl
... turn towards noises really well... especially mama's voice :-)
... loves watching sports on TV (daddy is really excited about this)

(these little feet are Ellie's best friends)
(I just want to eat her up!)
(that little tongue)

The napping saga continues but it is getting so much better.  You have been napping in your crib pretty consistently for the past week or so.  Sometimes it goes really well, sometimes not.  It is definitely a process and I am trying to be as consistent as I can be.  Better napping means better night sleep which means a happier everyone.

(her eyebrows are so expressive)
(always holding these feet!)

My little scrumptious-muptious you really are such a treasure.  How did your daddy and I get so lucky?  We love you so much!


(she is my world... oh and daddy too:-)
(this goofball has the best smile)

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