Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pregnancy Update (24 weeks)

(23 weeks, 6 days)

How far along: 24 weeks today.

Baby's size: She weighs just over a pound and is almost a foot long (according to Babycenter).

Boy or girl: It's a girl!

How am I feeling: Soooooo tired and worn down which I know is entirely my fault.  I am still really struggling with the whole slowing down thing.  We just have so much planned over the next few months it is hard to find time to really take a break.  For now I am taking working out off my to-do list and resting every moment I get.  I have noticed that my belly seems smaller this past week but I think that is just because she has changed positions.   Of course I freaked myself out about it momentarily but she has been moving so much I know there isn't anything to worry about.  I am just focusing on relaxing (I swear I will be focusing on this for the rest of my pregnancy).   

Maternity clothes: I wish I could wear maternity leggings, a stretchy tank and my sneakers every single day.  I am pretty much only wearing dresses, skirts, maternity leggings and stretchy tanks/tees.

Sleep: I am sleeping really well (probably because I am so tired all the time) and still getting up multiple times to use the bathroom.  I don't think my belly is big enough to really make sleeping uncomfortable yet but I am sure that will change soon. 

Baby movement: She has been moving around so much lately.  I find that the more active I am the less she moves or maybe I just don't notice her movements as much.  When I rest she has a little party in there just kicking and punching up a storm.  I love every single moment of it.  I have been having the best time watching her move.  It is like watching something try to escape from my stomach... creepy but in a cute way, haha.  The other night I had my hand on my stomach and felt her roll over.  I couldn't tell exactly which body part I was feeling but it was so cool.

Food cravings: I am still struggling with the not being hungry issue.  I thought I was supposed to be ravenous.  I have to keep reminding myself to eat every few hours otherwise I don't eat anything until I start to feel nauseous from not eating.  This sucks.  I do like the idea of drinking smoothies though.  Now that it's miserably hot outside the only thing that sounds remotely appealing is a cold fruit smoothie.

Food aversions: Well I tried to eat some beef jerky last week and almost gagged.  I guess I am kinda having an aversion to food in general... I just don't want anything.   

What I miss: I miss knowing what I feel like eating.

Best moment: Feeling her move around like a champ... if this is any indication of her personality we will have one feisty little lady on our hands.

What I am looking forward to: I am looking forward to taking little lady to her first Phish concert tonight and I am looking forward to not doing anything this weekend (after our next Phish show on Friday)... Mama needs her rest!

(23 weeks, 6 days)

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