Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dear Baby (24 weeks, 6 days)

(24 weeks, 6 days)

Dear Little Lady,

I saw you in my dream last night and you are just the cutest cutest cutest.  I dressed you up in your pink elephant coming home outfit and had you all wrapped up in a blanket.  Oh how I can't wait to see your cute little face in person and smother you with kisses.  I know we have a ways to go and you have lots of fattening up to do but I am just so excited to be able to hold you.   

We finally started to do some re-arranging and organizing in order to get the "man cave" ready to transition to the nursery.  I am really looking forward to getting some nursery furniture so that the room feels more baby ready.   We have lots of artwork to frame and lots more work to do in there before it will be ready for you. 

My favorite time of day right now is bedtime because you are so active when I lie down at the end of each long day.  Your dad comes in to say goodnight and he lays down with his hand on my belly feeling all your karate kicks.  I think you know his voice already because if you are being really quiet you usually perk right up when you hear him come in the room.  It is such a special time for our little family of three.

We love you so much.


(24 weeks, 6 days)

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