Friday, July 12, 2013

Baby's first Phish show!

(Baby's first Phish show 7.10.13)

On Wednesday Kev and I took the little lady to her first Phish show.  It was my 34th show and Kev's 37th.  It was so great to see Phish live again especially since I don't know when I will have the chance to go to my next show.  I got to hear a couple of my favorite songs (Harry Hood and Possum) and dance with my love.  I really don't think that there are many experiences that rivel the energy and pure joy of seeing live music and sharing that with someone you love is pretty much the greatest thing in the world.     

Though the music was awesome I will admit it was a little bit of a tough experience for me.  There was just way too much cigarette smoke and it was extremely humid which made it exhausting to be on my feet for so long.  I also was feeling very mama bear protective over my baby bump around so many drunk/not-in-their-right-mind people.  I am gracefully bowing out of the only other Phish show we can attend this summer at Jones Beach because I just don't think it is the best environment for me right now.  I am really sad to miss out and I feel awful for bailing on Kev last minute but we discussed it and we definitely think resting and feeling comfortable are a top priority for me and baby right now.

All that aside I am so glad I went and that we got to introduce our little lady to our favorite band.  We will definitely take her to see a show sometime in the future... at a venue with a large enough lawn that we don't have to be too crowded.  In the meantime she will be listening to plenty of live phish at home.  We've gotta get her dancin' as early as possible! 

(Official show poster by Mike Davis... we got one to frame with our tickets in honor of Baby's first show)

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