Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dear Baby (25 weeks, 6 days)

(25 weeks, 2 days)

Dear Little Lady,

This weekend you and I got to spend some very relaxing time in the sun with some awesome ladies.  Did you have a good time?  We went swimming in the pool and the ocean.  Could you feel that?  I wonder if it feels different for you when I am floating in water.  Maybe not though.  Could you tell that I was one blissed out mama?  There is nothing better than sitting on a sandy beach in front of the ocean.  We camped out under an umbrella so you wouldn't get too hot.  It was heaven.  Being near the ocean just makes my heart happy and being able to share that with you is the best.

(a little Miami storm rolling through)
(Anne and Julie... oh that view!)
(really missing this!)

I really hope that you make some amazing friends in your lifetime.  It is never too late to make new friends either!  5 years ago I didn't know any of these ladies and now they are my besties.  Spending time with such a special group of girls really made your mama feel so lucky to have made such incredible friends.  A weekend full of fun and laughter with really good friends does wonders for one's soul.  We are gonna have to do it again!

(Anne, Aubrey, Jenna, Dre and Me)
(Jenna, Aubrey, Me, Anne and Julie)

We did miss Dad while we were away, didn't we?  This trip got me really excited for the little babymoon weekend your Dad and I just booked.  It will be awesome to have some relaxing beachy alone time before you make your grand entrance and take over our lives... in a good way :) 

Keep kicking and growing in there.  We need you to fatten up!


(25 weeks, 3 days)
(25 weeks, 3 days)


  1. The countdown is seriously on. I can't wait to squeeze you and your little baby bump!! You are one gorgeous prego lady!!! lots of love xoxoxo

    1. I am seriously counting down the days!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am dying to see you!!!!!!!!! Love love love and miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!