Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dear Baby (24 weeks, 1 day)

(my man lookin' all California cool)

Dear Little Lady,

I wanted to tell you a little about how awesome your dad is because he is simply the best.  I know he hoped he would have a boy first (mainly so that they could harass our daughter's boyfriends... typical) but he is really excited that you are a girl.  I think he is finally wrapping his head around the fact that a little princess will be quickly taking over his life.  I really hope you are a daddy's girl because I know Kev will just love that but if you like me better that's okay too :)  

There are many things he is looking forward to doing with you like taking you to baseball games and the driving range.  Your dad will definitely teach you all about sports and how to fly fish (something I have yet to learn).  I know he will also be really good at tea parties if that is more your style.  I keep wondering what type of girl you will be... a girly girl, a tomboy, maybe a little of both.  I know whatever type of girl you are your dad will love adventuring with you.    

I feel so lucky to have met your dad and fallen in love with him.  I love him sooooooo much!  He makes me laugh every day and takes such good care of me.  He is certainly the life of the party and is probably the nicest guy I know.  He is fiercely protective of those he loves and the best friend anyone could ask for.  I could not imagine my life without him.  Writing about how great he is gets me a little teary (pregnancy hormones or just lots of love?).  You are gonna be the luckiest little girl with him as your daddy and I know you will have him wrapped around your finger in no time.

We can't wait to meet you and we love you so much!       


(Kev's caricature he got done in Santa Monica)

(Daddy's ladies)

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