Monday, August 11, 2014

Dear Elodie (9 months old)

(showing off how old she is - so proud!)

Dear Elodie,

What a month we have had because you are now mobile... yikes!!!  You took your first real crawling steps at our babies together class on July 9 and you haven't stopped moving since.  I can no longer let you out of my sight for even two seconds because not only are you crawling everywhere but you are pulling yourself up into a standing position on everything you can reach.  You are going to give me a heart attack.  Every waking moment we spend together usually involves me being close behind you in case you fall.   You have NO FEAR what so ever.  Seriously you will crawl off the couch or our bed without even a little hesitation - maniac!!!

(look ma no hands!)
(what are you looking at?)
(hmmm let me investigate this dirt and oh look this is shiny)

It is so fun to watch you explore but also exhausting.  I try to give you enough space to test your limits and work on your balance but also be there to prevent any major/dangerous falls.  We have had a couple spills (all on carpet - thank goodness) but you are so brave and only cry for a minute or so.  You absolutely love walking around while holding onto my hands - or anyone's hands really.  Usually your feet start going before your upper body can catch up.  You often swagger around like a little drunk but you are determined to get where you want to go.  It is such a privilege to be the hands you hold while you take those steps.

(she is getting ready to start cruising)
(don't worry mom I'll be careful...)
(she must check EVERYTHING out)

At 9 months old you...
... are crawling
... are pulling yourself up into a standing position on EVERYTHING
... have gone for your swimming a few times and absolutely love the water
... love walking around while holding someone's hands
... dance to music with the cutest little shimmy
... have popped out a tooth on top and are working on a few more
... offer mommy and daddy tastes of your food or tastes of your toys
... still think food is kinda yucky

(my angel)
(giving her something interesting to hold is the only way she will stay still one her back)
(she is not impressed)

We spent a week with Grammy in CT mid July while all the men went up to Canada for a fishing trip.  You and Grammy make a special tongue clicking noise together.  It was so cute and pretty incredible to watch you imitate her.  You would intently watch Grammy and I swear we could see the wheels turning in your little brain as you thought about how to make the clicking noise.  You totally bonded with Grammy too... you were reaching out to have her hold you and everything.   Grammy and I took you for your first swim and you absolutely loved being in the water.  It was a little chilly so you were trying to climb up me to get out of the water at first.  Once you got used to the water you were splashing around like a pro.  During your third swim I even dunked you under the water.  It scared you a little bit but we managed to keep you from crying with our enthusiasm over your bravery.  My big brave swimmer girl!  I signed you up for a swim class this fall and I know it is going to be so fun for both of us.

(give me what you have!!!)
(now for my next trick...)
(grrrrrr I do not find your antics funny mom)

It goes without saying that we are still nursing.  Lately you have been doing the cutest thing while nursing... you pull off, click your tongue or stick your tongue out, wait for me to imitate you and then go back to nursing.  We have made a little progress on the solid food adventure.  You really like food that you can hold in your hand and chew on... like peach slices, apple slices, steak slices... but those are all choking hazards sooooo we are taking a different approach.  I have been putting carrot puree and mashed banana in front of you and give you your own spoon.  You then run your spoon through the pile of mush on your tray and put the spoon in your mouth.  While you aren't eating a lot, I consider this amazing progress.  You just want to feed yourself.  When you decide you are done I clean you up and get you out of your highchair as fast as I can so you don't get frustrated with the whole eating ordeal.  I have cut up some food and put it in front of you but you show no interest so for now we are sticking with purees and a spoon.

(staying still for oh about 2 seconds)
(what mess should I get into next?)
(cute tooshy)

You have been babbling away more than ever these days.  The only "word" you say dada.  I keep telling you that I am mama and that you are Ellie so perhaps some day soon you will call me mama.  I am also trying to condition you to give me a kiss when I ask for one (wishful thinking).  I ask for a kiss and then give you a kiss.  You usually hate when I try to do anything with your face whether it is wiping stuff off of it, trying to look at your teeth, getting boogers out of your nose or giving you a kiss.  You certainly don't like to do anything that you don't want to - my stubborn girl.  One day you did actually give me a kiss when I asked you for one but I am not sure that you did that on purpose and you haven't done it since.  

(such a happy girl)
(gimme gimme gimme)
(oh a sticker)

My smiley, lovey, funny, awesome little lovebug... you are so full of life and I love you with all my heart and soul!!!


(my heart just explodes)