Friday, July 26, 2013

Dear Baby (26 weeks, 2 days)

(26 weeks, 2 days... big bump, teeny tiny feet)

Dear Little Lady,

TGIF!  Mama is ready for the weekend so that we can rest rest rest.  We skipped yoga yesterday... oops.  You were hungry so I made the executive decision to go home and eat an entire box of Annie's mac & cheese instead.  We will go to yoga on Tuesday though, I promise! 

(glucose test)

Yesterday was the dreaded glucose test.  I have heard so many horrible things about it but honestly it wasn't that bad.  It was just like drinking a bottle of really potent Sprite. Hopefully the results come back normal... fingers crossed!  I really have no interest in going back to do the 3-hour test.

Your daddy is away this weekend in New Orleans for Will's bachelor party.  It is kinda lonely in the apartment without him.  Do you miss him?  I sure do.  We have to eat well this weekend and get lots of rest so he doesn't worry about us.  What do you feel like eating?  Anything at all?   No?  I didn't think so, ugh.

I love you to the moon and back!


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