Sunday, April 17, 2016

Dear Jaxon (6 months)

(so much sweetness)

Dear Jaxon,

My handsome guy how are you already 6 months old?!?!?  It has been 6 amazing and chaotic months since you arrived.  Did you know you were almost born in the car on the way to the hospital?  Well not really but your dad sure was terrified that you would be.  You made your fast and furious arrival only about 30 minutes after we walked into the maternity wing.  The whole experience was such a whirlwind but it was perfect.  I think you were just really anxious to see the world and to get some real mama and dada snuggles.

(making a new friend)

This month we went on your second plane adventure to Disney World!!  The most magical place on earth.  Too bad you will not have any memory of it but upside is that it means we absolutely have to go back.  You were great on the plane and slept well in the hotel and were such a trooper while we marched around Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom.  You really are just the sweetest, most easy-going little guy.  Please never change!!


At 6 months old you...
... push up on your hands while on your tummy
... have tried your first solid food (avocado)
... are a jumping machine
... have a horrible mother who wrote this letter too late and can't remember anymore specific points, sorry my love!

(he does so much smiling)

You have been showing a lot of interest in food.  You stare at all food.  So far I have given you a taste of avocado... you were not impressed.  I let you put a piece of pineapple in your mouth... you were not impressed.  I've given you a taste of banana... you were not impressed.  I've given you a taste of egg yolk... you were not impressed.  Sensing a theme here?  Though you have shown a lot of interest in food you haven't liked anything you've tried, haha.  I have a feeling you are more weirded out by the new tastes and textures as opposed to actually not liking the food.  We are going to keep trying.  I have a feeling you will be a good eater, fingers crossed!  Just please be a better eater than your sister.

(he's over it)
(the most kissable face)

You screech at the top of your lungs and those little legs of yours are always pumping.  You would jump jump jump all day long if you could.  We got you a jumperoo and it is so cute watching you jump away.  Sometimes we move your jumperoo up to the playroom so you and Ellie can have a joint jumping session (she has a mini trampoline).  The two of you have really started to interact.  Watching you both jump on the trampoline gives me a little glimpse into the future.  I cannot wait to see you both running outside together and playing lots of games together.  

(am I interrupting something?)
(I just can't even handle the cuteness sometimes)

Time is just flying by and I fear I am not taking enough time to savor every moment with you so my goal is to spend more quality one on one time with you.  Unfortunately you get dragged around to your sisters activities, but I promise that we will do some stuff for just you at some point.  I know you won't know anything different, but I can't help but feel guilty that you will never have the one-on-one experience that your sister did.

(he never stays on his back for long)

No matter how much you have to share me just know that you are so loved.  I love love love you with all my heart my sweet boy!  We will steal our special moments whenever we can!


(everything goes in his mouth these days, teething is hard work)

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