Thursday, February 18, 2016

Dear Jaxon (4 months)

(can he look at me like this for the rest of his life please?!)

Dear Jax,

You are such a joy!  There is so much love and light in your little body that you just have to smile all the time.  

(the happiest little wiggle worm)
(as sweet as can be)
(he does more and more talking every day)

Ummmm you got your first tooth!!!  How is that happening already?!?  Stop growing up so fast.  Your sister didn't get her two bottom teeth till she was 7 months old.  You are also packing on the pounds way faster than your sister did, haha.  You were about 2 pounds heavier than your sister at birth and at this point you weigh about as much as your sister did when she was 9 months old.   

(new dance move?)
(the cutest chunkiest baby legs)

This past month was your first Christmas which also meant your first plane ride and boy was it a doozy.  You were of course a patient angel for the whole thing (even your sister wasn't too bad).  We got stuck in Laguardia for hours waiting for our plane which made us miss our connection in Minneapolis so we had to spend the night there.  We were not at all prepared to spend the night with you and your sister in a random hotel (we didn't even have our bags).  We did survive and got to spend a beautiful snowy Christmas with Grandma, G-Pa and Lauren (your dad's cousin).     

(she loves to get right in his face)
(staring contest?)

At 4 months old you...
... roll over from back to front (always to your right)
... have two bottom teeth
... are always always kicking your legs or jumping
... love baths

(she finds him quite hilarious)
(casual fist bump between best buddies)

You did get sick for the first time this month and it broke my heart.  You got your sister's cold which then turned into croup.  I took you to the pediatrician and of course you smiled the whole time we were there.  Even sickness can't dampen your happy spirit.  Luckily you recovered quickly - thank goodness because listening to a croup cough is pretty scary.  I don't think there is anything more heartbreaking than seeing you or your sister sick.

(my sweet sweet boy)

Are you feeling loved enough little man?  Do you get enough of my attention?  You are so chill that I typically deal with your oh so demanding sister before you get your turn.  I often feel guilty that you will never get the same attention from me that your sister got as a baby but I guess that is just the plight of a second child.  I do try to give you as much undivided attention as I can but unfortunately I think I fall short.  It's hard trying to get things done during the day and also slow down enough to just be with you and your sister.  

(staying on his back is soooooo last month)

(its a full body effort to flip his chunkiness over)

Thank you for being so forgiving as I struggle to hit my stride as a mama of two.  That smile of yours does wonders for my mommy spirit.  I love you to the moon and back (and back and back and back) my little man! 


(always chewing on those hands)

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