Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Dear Jax (3 months)

(oh so very scrumptious)

Dear Jax,

My goodness you are the most smiley little man ever... the BIGGEST flirt!  If you make eye contact with someone then you are most likely smiling.  You are seriously such an angel with the sweetest disposition.  You are so chill and will sit quietly on your own which is very nice for me.  Of course you don't usually like to be completely abandoned so as long as you can see someone else you are usually pretty content on your play mat or in your chair.

(someone has found his voice)

Your laugh is simply the best.  Every so often you start laughing and just can't stop.  It is quite hilarious.  You are also super ticklish.  Taking off/putting on your clothes makes you laugh, slathering you with lotion after a bath makes you laugh, even rubbing lotion on your head makes you laugh.  When you get yourself all riled up just making eye contact with you will make you laugh.  You are the best! 

(delicious baby legs)

At 3 months old you...
... love to laugh
... screech at the top of your lungs
... smile at just about any face you see
... really love your sister
... are starting to grab at everything (especially hair, ouch)

(sometimes he just needs a little smiling break)

This past month you had your first Halloween, your first Thanksgiving and your first Mommy/Son trip.  You and Ellie dressed up as Mickey & Minnie Mouse for Halloween... definitely the cutest duo in the whole wide world!  We took you guys trick or treating in town (they had a big event on Main Street) though you slept through the whole experience.  Obviously, you were a huge hit at Thanksgiving where you got to meet lots of new family.  In mid-November you and I traveled up to Middlebury, VT to support your Grammy when she was inducted into the Middlebury Athletics Hall of Fame.  So many fun firsts this month!  

(smiling one minute, serious the next)

You are back to sleeping in your rock n' play sleeper (thank God).  You are still in our room and I honestly find it a little heartbreaking to think about putting you in your own room even though I know it is necessary.  I get asked often if you are sleeping through the night... you definitely aren't.  You get up usually 2 or 3 times which is ok.  My sleep deprivation is pretty out of control but I know you need me so it is worth it.  I didn't make your sister sleep through the night till she was a year old so I figure I will follow the same timeline with you.

(cutest baby ever!)

You are a tummy time champ!  Ellie, your tummy time coach, is usually on hand to offer her encouragement.  She loves to get down on the floor with you and get in your face.  It probably helps to motivate you to pick your head up so you can look at her.  You are getting so much stronger!

(best buddies)
(baby Jax is starting to get grabby) 

I don't feel like I have figured out how to give you and your sister everything you need though I maybe I am being a little hard on myself.  I tend to feel like a failure at the end of every day because you spent a little too much time on your own on your playmat or in your chair and I let Ellie watch too much TV so that I could get some stuff done.  It just seems like I cannot figure out how to give you and Ellie enough of me and feel like I do enough for myself too.  I am falling short on everything especially since I take great pride in checking things off my to-do list.  Being a mom of two means I have to just let my to-do list go and be present with you and your sister.  On the bright side you and Ellie still love me to death at the end of every day so in that way every day is a success.

(even his sad face is the cutest)

Keep getting chunky my little man (it makes you extra delicious!).


(big sister tickles)

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  1. So happy to hear about Jax! Most of all, I love your writing ... no, wait ... I love how you look at things and then so self-deprecatingly write them. Absolute joy. Rock on, Best Mother in the Whole Wide World!