Sunday, December 20, 2015

Dear Jax (2 months)

(the most precious smile)

Dear Jax,

2 months have flown by and you are getting pretty chunky little man... In the best, most delicious way possible!  You weigh 13 pounds 4.5 ounces which means you have gained exactly 5 pounds.  All your rolls are simply scrumptious.  I seriously just want to snuggle you and kiss you ALL DAY LONG!  It is so different having a chunky baby this time around and I love it.  You already are two pounds heavier than your sister was at 2 months... holy arm workout for mama! 

(simply scrumptious with a little Elvis smirk)

Your stellar sleeping took a turn for the worse this month.  You decided you would only sleep while being held.  All your naps have been in the wrap (or in Grandma's arms) and you sleep on me at night.  Even though it has been extra exhausting for me I keep reminding myself that I must savor all the times I get to hold you close to me.  I know I should probably be putting more effort into getting you to sleep in your bed but I am honestly just too tired to try right now.  When in the trenches of sleep deprivation I do whatever works.

(super cute baby sneezes)

You have become so much more alert which is probably why you won't stay asleep one your own.  You follow me when I walk by you, you turn towards noise and you are pretty fascinated by the TV (not a good habit to start this early... oops).  You love love love to look at yourself in the mirror.  It is quite hilarious to watch you check yourself out with a little smirk on your face... you clearly know how handsome you are (which is super super duper handsome).   

(your expressive eyebrows are my favorite)

You look so much like your sister did when she was your age.  You definitely look like a boy and she definitely looked like a girl but every so often I see pictures of your sister and I think it is you.  I don't quite know how to explain this but you definitely look like a Fournie and your sister definitely looks like a Noyes but somehow you guys look so similar.

Your sister has been so good with you and it is becoming very clear that you love her.  She runs to get me when you are crying.  She is so protective of you and gets very worried when other people hold you.  The quiet and calm moments when you both interact are so special though these moments are pretty precarious and I have to remind your sister to be gentle and to not step on you or hit you.  She is gonna have a rude awakening when you are old enough to retaliate.  Overall she really means well and is very gentle and loving with you.

(the eyebrows!)

My goal for the next month is to get you sleeping in your rock n' play sleeper again.  It may not be easy but it definitely needs to happen so we can transition you to your own room sometime in the next few months.   Oh your own room... I guess maybe I should start buying everything we need to actually furnish your room, ha.

We love love love you so much little man!!!


(he sees a face and he smiles... the big flirt)

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