Friday, October 25, 2013

Dear Baby (39 weeks, 2 days)

(39 weeks, 1 day)

 Dear Little Lady,

Are you ready to come out yet?  Your daddy and I are ready to meet you!  I am hardly sleeping these days... preparing for many sleepless night ahead.  I would much rather have you here keeping me up than just not being able to sleep for no reason.  So what do you think, you wanna come out?  You have dropped a little bit because I have a little more lung room and a lot more pelvic pain than usual.  Does that mean you are getting yourself ready?  Everything is all set up and waiting for you.  Your Daddy and I hung all the artwork in your nursery.  All your "gear" has been put together.  Everything has been washed.  All we are missing is you!

Sooo the Cardinals are in the World Series right now.  Last night was game 2 and thankfully the Cardinals won (in Boston) which means the series is tied 1-1.  Now they head to STL for 3 games... let's go Cards!!!  Daddy and I think you are a good luck charm so let's get a Cards win, okay?  It would make your Daddy very very very happy.

Come soon Little Lady, we can't wait to meet you!!!


(39 weeks, 1 day) 


  1. Just a few more days!! I walked every night during my 39 week and would sway my hips back in forth, just trying to do everything I could to keep the pressure on my cervix. The constant lower back pain that won't go away was always a sign for me labor was starting very very soon!

    1. Good idea! I am trying to keep my activity up every day to hopefully provide our Little Lady with some encouragement even though all I really want to do is lie on the couch. I keep waiting for a sign that something is happening. Eek, it is getting really hard to be patient!