Friday, October 18, 2013

Pregnanacy Update (38 weeks, 2 days)

(38 weeks, 1 day)

How far along: 38 weeks, 2 days today. 

Baby's size: She weighs around 6.8 pounds and is about 19.5 inches long (according to Babycenter).  Her size is always just the average provided by Babycenter because I have no idea how much she actually weighs or how long she is - we don't do any ultrasound measurements at my midwife appointments.

Boy or girl: It's a girl!

How am I feeling: I am feeling pretty pregnant these days.  I get tired really quickly and I get out of breath simply rolling over in bed.  Even though everything is really tiring and more difficult these days I haven't reached the end of my rope yet.  I've heard that at the end I am supposed to just be DONE with being pregnant and I don't feel like that yet.  Maybe I am just lucky or maybe our Little Lady isn't ready yet.    

Maternity clothes: I live in leggings and tank tops these days... it isn't pretty, haha.  

Sleep: Sucky.  Even when I am really tired I have a hard time falling asleep and when I do finally fall asleep I wake up every hour and a half to use the bathroom.  I guess I am getting ready for many many wakeful nights in the near future.  

Baby movement: Lots of shifting her butt around in my ribs and kicking me on my right side.

Food cravings: I am back to not knowing what I want to eat which isn't fun.  

Food aversions: Nothing... I just feel very indifferent about food. 

What I miss: I really miss knowing what I feel like eating.

Best moment(s): Getting all of our Little Lady's things ready.  I have washed everything, set up her changing table with her itty bitty diapers and her cradle is all ready for her to sleep in.  Kevin and I just have to hang all the artwork and the nursery will be ready.  We hung the Sharon Montrose animal prints over her crib the other night.  They are just too cute!    

(animal prints by Sharon Montrose)

What I am looking forward to: Meeting our Little Lady and finally being able to share her name with everyone.  It is pretty crazy to think that any day could be THE day!

(38 weeks, 2 days)

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