Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dear Baby (33 weeks)

Dear Little Lady,

You are so spoiled!  I went to your THIRD baby shower this past weekend.  Your Auntie Marissa and Auntie Jenna threw you the sweetest little party with food I am still dreaming about and the most pinteresty party favors.  Marissa and Jenna put so much thought and effort into each detail, it was so special.  Thank you ladies soooo much for being such awesome friends and aunties!!! 

We each filled out "Wishes for Baby Fournie."  I read them all out loud and had to fight back the tears.  Everyone has the sweetest wishes for you Little Lady!  I am putting them in a book with the "wishes and wisdom" from your St. Louis baby shower.  They will be so special for you to read when you are older.   

And... guess who was at the shower all the way from Singapore... Claudia!!!  Marissa, Claudia and I haven't all been together since last December so the reunion was long overdue.

To all the wonderful ladies who bought presents for our Little Lady and celebrated with me on Sunday... thank you so so so much!  It was the perfect celebration!

Being the first of our friends here in NYC to have a baby, I was a little nervous about how everyone would feel about it.  Most of our friends aren't ready to have their own babies.  I knew everyone would be happy for us but the true outpouring of love that we have received for you is incredible.  We have the best friends.  They already love you so much and are anxiously awaiting your arrival.

Keep growing strong and kicking me... even though it hurts, I know it means that you are doing well.  Your daddy and I love you so much!


(32 weeks, 6 days)

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