Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dear Baby (14 weeks)

Dear Baby,

We had a rough day yesterday didn't we?  I told the midwife at our appointment on Monday that I had been feeling great... then I wake up Tuesday and feel sick to my stomach with a pounding headache all day.  I thought we were over the not feeling good part... let's keep the feeling sick to a minimum, okay?

Today we enter the 2nd trimester!  One down, two to go.  When are you gonna really start to show yourself?  I keep joking with your dad that I am just looking fat these days.  I asked my midwife if I had a baby bump yet and she (sadly) informed me that the bump I have is just my stomach fat that you are pushing up... not cool baby, not cool.  I'm only kidding.  I don't mind looking kinda chubby as long as you are growing big and strong in there.  We heard your little heart beat beating away like crazy.  You must be working very hard.  Feel free to show yourself anytime soon (in my belly of course, don't you dare try to enter this world yet)!


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