Monday, June 3, 2013

Dear Baby (18 weeks, 5 days)

Dear Baby,

I think I am feeling you move right now!  I am sitting at my desk at work and I swear I feel you moving.  Eek, is this it?  Am I finally starting to feel you?  This is so exciting!

We have been having a pretty exhausting time lately, haven't we?  Or maybe it's just me.  You must be going through a growth spurt and zapping all my energy.  I don't think the 90 degree heat wave we just had helped my energy levels at all either.  I am working on getting better at listening to my body and resting when I need to.  It is a hard adjustment though.  As your dad will say I am a "futzer."  I constantly move around the apartment cleaning things and putting things away.  For some reason I can't seem to sit still.  You are definitely making me slow down which is a good thing.  I've gotta be a little bit more respectful of my body's need to rest and relaxation... maybe I'll just make your dad do all the chores...

Only a week and a half till we find out if you are a he or a she and we can't wait!

I love you so much.


P.S.  Check out the new bed your dad and I just got... it's kinda awesome in all its king-sized glory.

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