Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Maternity clothes

I am found myself in this in-between stage right now.  I am too big for most of my regular clothes (mostly my pants) but I am not yet big enough for maternity clothes.  My baby bump isn't even close to filling out the cute maternity dresses and tops.  Of course this doesn't stop me from trolling the online maternity sections from my favorite stores.  I've found that the Gap and Old Navy seems to have the best selection of basic and not too expensive maternity clothes... I may have placed 3 separate Gap orders in the last couple weeks... 

Then there are the stores that I can only dream about shopping at because they are so far out of my price-range it isn't even funny.  Case in point... Hatch.  Hatch has some of the most beautiful maternity clothes.  The one item I have been eyeing for years (seriously) is the jumper.

How cute is that?!?  You can add a colorful belt to accentuate the top of your bump too.  I can't decide between the black, capri green, navy or poppy... I guess I would lean towards navy... oh to dream.  The awesome part is that these clothes can be worn post-pregnancy as well which it nice considering the hefty price-tag.  I am a little skeptical of this though because I don't think most of the super drapey silhouettes will be terribly flattering on my regular body.

Dressing this new and ever-changing body of mine is certianly a challenge.  Though I am definitely not complaining about letting my stomach stick out... so liberating.  A few of the staples in my closet at the moment are:
1. Stretchy tanks (these Gap ones are amazing and definitely have lots of stretch in them)
2. Skirts with stretchy tops
3. Maternity shorts or pants with a demi panel (good for the just growing bump, I imagine a full panel would feel better on a bigger belly)

Let's not forget about dresses either.  I see a lot of dresses of the short and maxi variety in my future!  Dresses seem to be the best article of clothing to transition seamlessly between regular body and bump body.  Anything with a empire waist will last a long long time.

To be honest it isn't easy to spend money on clothes you will only need for a short amount of time.  I am trying to focus on pieces that can be worn post-pregnancy and that aren't too expensive.  Seriously though the maternity shorts I just bought... I might wear these for the rest of my life.  They are like wearing real pants on the bottom and sweatpants on top, heaven!

Anyone have any maternity clothes wisdom they would like to share?


  1. Hey Megs...do you ever follow the flash sales on Gilt? They often have maternity sales, and I've even seen Hatch on there recently. Zulilly also has maternity and baby items. The prices are often reduced by half or more...so you can get that dream jumper and more. Also, have you looked at ASOS maternity or H&M? I never ordered from ASOS because I wasn't sure about sizing...and shipping returns to/from Dubai isn't easy. But they seem to have some cute things. I bought a lot of things from Isabella Oliver...when they had sales, as their full price is expensive too. They have a lot of good quality basics that I've noticed last for multiple pregnancies. Things I've gotten from ON and GAP tend to only survive one pregnancy, as you will end up wearing things more frequently than you do with your normal clothes. Hope that helps!

    1. Hi Lins! I do follow Gilt but have been just deleting the emails lately so I'm not tempted, oops. I'll have to start looking at them again. I do get the Zulilly emails too... I got myself a pair of Timberland boots recently (obviously having nothing to do with maternity but I can't help myself with shoes). I have been looking at ASOS a lot and have ordered a couple things... the fit can be weird and since the prices are usually pretty low it seems you get what you pay for. I just signed up for the Isabella Oliver emails... their stuff is beautiful. So far I have only shopped at Gap and really haven't purchased much from the maternity section. Their maternity leggings are pretty amazing though and the maternity workout pants. My issue at the moment is that I don't really fill out maternity clothes yet which I shouldn't complain about I guess. I am trying to buy regular clothes that are bump friendly. As I get bigger I will definitely feel better about buying more quality pieces that will hopefully last me through a couple pregnancies. Kev and I are also attending FIVE freakin' weddings before this baby arrives so I have to find dresses to wear to accomodate all my different sizes... wahhhhhhhh. Thank you so much for the tips! I'll be watching Gilt like a hawk for any mention of Hatch, haha.

  2. On Gilt, you can *star* Hatch as a favorite and I think they will email you in advance of any sale...I did it, so I'll be sure to let you know if I see any pieces again. Bump friendly non-maternity clothes will also come in handy post pregnancy (as long as they are relatively easy to breastfeed in), so don't fret about spending money on those items. If I get any other ideas, I'll let you know. Bummer about ASOS, as the pieces look cute. I feared for the price they probably weren't super high quality...but perhaps for a couple of trendy pieces it's a nice option. You are so stylish that I'm sure you'll pull together some pretty amazing ensembles!