Monday, June 24, 2013

Dear Baby (21 weeks, 5 days)

Dear Little Lady,

That's what I've been calling you ever since we found out you are a girl.  Your dad and I already know what your name is but we plan to keep it a secret.  Your dad likes to use your nickname when he talks about you which is just too cute. 

I bought what I think will be your coming home outfit this past weekend.  Of course it is pink with little pink elephants on it.  I just can't get over how cute you will look in the onesie and hat all wrapped up in the matching blanket.  I sure hope you love elephants because your nursery will be covered in them.  Your dad and I have been collecting elephants for years... it's kinda our thing.

We are going to focus on resting for the next couple weeks, ok?  I have been really exhausted and on the verge of getting a cold so I think it is time to slow down just a bit.  Do you get tired in there when I don't rest enough?  Do you feel yucky when I feel yucky?  I often wonder if you feel what I am feeling or if you are just blissfully floating around in there.  You usually get pretty active when I lie down at the end of the day so maybe that is your way of saying "woohoo, resting makes me happy mama!"  I am definitely making more of an effort to take it easy and be kind to my body.

Keep kicking and punching and growing!  Your dad and I treasure every single movement we feel.  We love you so much!


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