Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dear Baby (19 weeks, 6 days): our Asheville adventure

(family photo at the Biltmore - 19 weeks, 3 days)

Dear Baby,

Tomorrow we will be half way to meeting you (if you arrive on time) and guess what... your Dad felt you move last night!  I have been feeling you move around so much and it was so special for him to feel it too.  You gave him a nice little jab.

This past weekend your Dad and I went down to Asheville, NC to visit your Uncle Nick, Aunt Naomi, Uncle Merrick and Will, Will and Tom... we had quite the crew!  The whole weekend was filled with great food, beautiful scenery and tons of laughter.  Getting together with these guys is always so much fun.  I know you are just going to LOVE being around them. 

We did a little hike at Craggy Gardens up into the clouds... so much wispy air!

 (this is how I felt during the hike, hehe)
(Uncle Merrick)

We did a little summer house shopping by checking out the Biltmore.

 (family photo... what a view!)
 (Uncle Nick and Aunt Naomi)

We ate at Mela (awesome Indian food with the best mango lassi ever!), White Duck Taco (crazy delicious tacos!), Limones (Mexican brunch!) and the CHOCOLATE LOUNGE (no explanation necessary).  The Chocolate Lounge = heaven... I would probably be there every day if I lived in Asheville... I sure hope you enjoyed the chocolate too.  All the yummy food made me one happy preggo mama! 

Saturday night we grilled burgers, sausages, corn and asparagus at Uncle Merrick, Will, Will and Tom's house.  It was a feast.  Nick and Naomi made the most delicious potato salad... I must steal the recipe.  I will post some photos from that night when I get them from Uncle Nick.  We spent that whole evening laughing hysterically... especially when Vanessa made her debut.

We plan on taking you back to Asheville next year for some adventures.  I know you will love it!


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