Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dear Baby (27 weeks, 6 days)

(27 weeks, 5 days)

Dear Little Lady,

Yesterday evening was our 3D/4D ultrasound and you were in quite a mood weren't you?  Over the weekend you kept me up for most of the wee hours of Sunday morning doing the craziest acrobatics I have felt so far.  Then Sunday and Monday you were more quiet than usual.  I still felt you moving a little bit but no more big kicks or flips.  Well at our ultrasound appointment we find out that all that crazy movement I felt was you folding yourself in half across my stomach.  So there you are with your legs and hands covering the one part we really wanted to see... your face!  Is that position even comfortable?  We did get to see you opening your mouth and sucking on your knee which was pretty cute.  It was pretty amazing to see you even if you were hiding. 

I tried emptying my bladder, doing some toe touches, flipping from side to side, eating candy, poking you and tapping my belly but you just wouldn't budge.  Apparently you were not at all amused by our efforts because you decided the flip us off!  That's right, the only photo we left with was of you flipping us the bird.  Oh well. 

(someone was in no mood to have her picture taken!)

We did get to see your face in pieces and we have to admit that you look pretty darn cute.  The upside of the appointment (aside from the epic baby picture) is that you weren't shy about showing us your lady parts so we 100% know that you are a girl.  Phew, it would have been quite the shock if you ended up being a little boy instead. 

Since we left the ultrasound appointment you have been extremely active.  You were roundhouse kicking me all through my hypnosis practice and most of last night while I was trying to sleep.  I feel like you are just laughing at me in there... I guess we know who runs the show here.  Do you think that next Monday at our redo ultrasound appointment you could be a little more cooperative and show us that cute face of yours?  You dad and I would really appreciate it!  

We love you so much (even if you are a little stinker)!


(27 weeks, 5 days)

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