Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dear Baby (28 weeks, 6 days)

(28 weeks, 5 days)

 Dear Little Lady,

This past weekend was the first of your three baby showers... you sure are spoiled.  This time your dad and I traveled up to my parent's house in CT for a small family and friends gathering.  It was so nice and very relaxing... exactly what I wanted it to be.  Everyone is so so so excited to meet you!

Your Papa and Grammy (my parents - they are still deciding if that is what they want you to call them) went above and beyond and gifted you an incredible stroller.  I immediately burst into tears when they rolled it out. 

It is absolutely my dream stroller and I cannot wait to push you around in it.  You are going to look so teeny tiny curled up in there.  We got so many other thoughtful gifts - the incredible homemade gifts are especially meaningful (we are so thankful for everyone's generosity!).  The little bear cub hat that your Auntie Naomi crocheted for you is gonna make you look so cute and snugly!

Being at my parent's house got me thinking about the years to come and being able to watch you run around in the yard chasing chickens and collecting veggies from the garden.  I also cannot wait to watch my parents blossom into grandparents and my brothers become uncles.  You are entering the most loving family I know.     

Thank you Papa and Grammy for throwing Little Lady such a special first baby shower!


(28 weeks, 5 days)

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