Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dear Baby (29 weeks, 6 days)

(29 weeks, 6 days) 

Dear Little Lady,

Well well well someone has been in quite the mood the past 48 hours.  I feel like I am your personal punching bag and it kinda hurts!  Aren't you getting tired in there?  Do you need to take a nap?  I swear you have been moving around so much you haven't given yourself a chance to rest.  It has definitely made sleeping more uncomfortable for me.  Maybe you are trying to get comfortable in there.  Is that the problem?  Your daddy and I are going to try the rebozo technique tonight to see if we can shift you around a little.  Hopefully we can get you more comfortable and also find me a little relief.  Even though it has been uncomfortable I love feeling you move around all the time.  I got to feel hiccups for the first time the past weekend... so cute!

I am going to take it easy the next month or so because we have lots of traveling to do and you have lots of growing to do.  We are heading to St. Louis this weekend to see your daddy's family.  I cannot wait... especially for the large cup of Ted Drewes frozen custard that is calling my name!  We are going to take you to another baseball game too.  Your big job is to cheer up your G-Paw because he hasn't been feeling too well... maybe you can give him a good kick or two to let him know you are thinking about him!  I am so looking forward to sharing you with everyone.

Hopefully your dad and I can get you into a position that is more comfortable so we can both get some more rest.  We've gotta be well rested for our St. Louis adventure this weekend.

Your daddy and I love you so much!!!


(29 weeks, 6 days)

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