Monday, August 5, 2013

This baby is a Belieber!

(27 weeks, 2 days and ready for Bieber!)
(Marissa and I)

Last Friday night Auntie Marissa and I took Little Lady to her first Justin Bieber concert!  It may or may not have been Marissa and my second time seeing the Biebs on his Believe Tour.  This concert was definitely the loudest environment Little Lady has been in so far.  Nothing rivals the volume of pre-teen/teenage girls when Justin Bieber is involved.  There were a couple times I wished I could have put little ear muffs on her because the screaming was so loud even I wanted to plug my ears.  I hope she had fun.  I felt her grooving in there a little bit.   

(The Biebs' grand entrance with badass angel wings)

Obviously there were a lot of parents there with their young children so it got me thinking about taking Little Lady to her first concert when she is old enough.  There were a lot of dads... do you think Kev will bring her to a Justin Bieber concert if she begs him to?  Maybe One Direction?  Who knows who the popular pop stars will be at that point.

The crowd at the concert was just about as entertaining as the Bieber himself.  So many girls hyperventilating, waving at the Biebs (like he was gonna see them specifically and wave back) and just generally geeking out over being in the same room as him.  Marissa and I spent a lot of time laughing at our surroundings and how ridiculous the whole experience was.      

(Catching Feelings)
(27 weeks, 2 days)

Thank you Kevin for getting me the awesome tickets as my birthday present, the seats were perfect!  We love you!

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